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    Does the system come with a warranty?

    First 90 Days: 1 Free Tech Visit Within the First 90 Days



    During the initial ninety (90) days, your system benefits from comprehensive coverage under warranty. This warranty specifically extends to the equipment installed by Fluent in your home; however, it does not cover pre-existing devices or products not provided by Fluent that are integrated with your system. Whether the issue stems from user error, adverse weather conditions, or any other cause, our commitment is to promptly address and resolve the problem.

    Within the first ninety days, if any equipment malfunctions, we will dispatch a technician to your home. The technician will assess the situation, replace the equipment at no expense to you if necessary, and undertake any other remedial actions without any additional cost. This ensures that your system operates seamlessly.

    It's important to note that after the initial ninety-day period, our commitment to supporting your equipment continues. If your equipment experiences issues due to normal wear and tear, we will arrange for its replacement. However, in the event that a technician is required to perform the replacement, Fluent Home will coordinate this service at our prevailing travel fee rate.

    Additionally, it's crucial to be aware that both expired devices, at the end of their life cycle, and discontinued equipment fall outside the scope of warranty coverage. "Expired devices" refer to those that have reached the end of their operational life, and "discontinued equipment" pertains to products that are no longer actively manufactured or supported. Devices falling into these categories may not qualify for warranty benefits. We recommend staying vigilant about the condition of your equipment to ensure continued reliability.

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