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    Garage door opener is in malfunction but the LiftMaster MyQ Internet Gateway (828LM) is not

    If a garage door opener is offline but the LiftMaster MyQ Internet Gateway (828LM) is not in malfunction, this indicates that the garage door opener is not properly communicating with the Internet Gateway. To restore proper communication between the garage door opener and the Internet Gateway, try the following steps.

    Open and close the door from the garage door opener's wall control

    Open and close the garage door using the garage door opener's wall control. A manual update of the garage door's status can restore communication.

    For a LiftMaster MyQ Internet Gateway, the average range is 300-600 feet between the Internet Gateway and the MyQ garage door when the Internet Gateway is installed in the home. However, having the Gateway in a basement or having concrete or metal walls between the gateway and GDO can cause range issues.

    Verify power to the MyQ Control Panel (888LM/889LM)

    Look at the LED on the MyQ Control Panel. It should show a yellow LED if powered on and functioning correctly.

    If the red and yellow LED's slowly flash simultaneously, this could indicate a power or compatibility issue. If there is a rapid simultaneous flash of the red and yellow LED's, this may indicate that the MyQ Control Panel is still charging. MyQ Control Panel charging should not take more than five minutes.

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