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    Wall panel
    Press the push bar to open or close the door.
    Use the navigation buttons to make selections and program features.
    Press the LIGHT button to turn the garage door opener lights on or off. When the lights are turned on they will stay on until the LIGHT button is pressed again, or until the garage door opener is activated. Once the garage door opener is activated the lights will turn off after the specified period of time (the factory setting is 4-1/2 minutes). The LIGHT button will not control the lights when the door is in motion.
    This feature will automatically turn on the garage door opener lights when motion is sensed. The lights will come on for the set period of time, then shut off.

    The lights will turn on when someone enters through the open garage door and the safety reversing sensor infrared beam is broken. If using the garage door opener light as a work light, turn the light on using the light button on the wall control or the light will turn off if you are beyond the range of the sensor.


    When the Lock feature is on, your remote controls have been disabled


    DO NOT enable TTC if operating a one-piece door. TTC is to be used ONLY with sectional doors.

    Once the TTC has been set and the door is open, the selected close interval will be displayed on the screen and toggle between the time and TTC message. The garage door opener will beep and the lights will flash before closing the door.

    To temporarily suspend the TTC feature press and release the HOLD button. Press REL button to resume normal TTC operation.

    The TTC feature will deactivate if the garage door encounters an obstruction twice; or the safety reversing sensors are incorrectly installed. The garage door will reverse open and WILL NOT close until the obstructions are clear or the safety reversing sensors are correctly installed. When the obstruction has been cleared or the safety reversing sensors have been aligned, the door will close when the garage door opener is activated.

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