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    Factory reset a LiftMaster MyQ Internet Gateway (828LM)

    The following process will restore a LiftMaster MyQ Internet Gateway (828LM) to its factory default settings. Any doors or equipment enrolled in the gateway will be deleted, so they will need to be relearned after the factory reset is completed.

    To factory reset the MyQ Internet Gateway:

    1. Disconnect power from the MyQ Internet Gateway.
    2. Locate the reset button pinhole on the side of the gateway.
    3. While the gateway is powered down, use a thin tool (such as a paper clip) to hold the Reset button. A click should be felt.
    4. Continue holding the Reset button while reapplying power to the gateway.
    5. Continue holding the Reset button for another 10-20 seconds until the gateway's yellow LED blinks, then immediately release the button.
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