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    Car Connect Installation


    1. Verify the vehicle's ignition is off.
    2. Locate your Fluent Car Connect Device.
    3. Locate the Vehicles OBD-ll Port, Plug in Car Connect Device.
      • The OBD-ll port is usually located under the steering wheel or in the glove box. If necessary, please refer to the vehicles owner's manual.
        location of OBD-2 port
    4. Turn the Vehicle's ignition on.
    5. Open the Fluent Home app and verify that your car appears in the cars card of the dashboard.
    6. his usually takes 5 minutes but can sometimes take up to 30 minutes on some Pre - 2008 vehicles.
    7. Drive the vehicle for 10 minutes to calibrate the car connector.
      • The first trip may display incorrect information before calibration is complete.
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