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    Fluent App - Delete a Geo-Device

    A Geo-Device is a geographically aware iPhone or Android device that can be configured to automate home settings and initiate additional notifications based on the location of the Geo-Device relative to a home, office, or other location.

    To delete a Geo-Device using the Alarm.com website:

    1. Log into the Alarm.com website.
    2. Click Settings.
    3. Click Places.
    4. In Manage Devices, click the Geo-Device to be deleted.
    5. Click Delete.
      Delete a Device
    6. Click Ok.

    To disable a Geo-Device using the Fluent app:

    Note: Completely removing a Geo-Device from a customer account can only be done using the Alarm.com website.

    1. Log into the Fluent app.
    2. Tap Menu.
    3. Tap App Settings.
    4. Tap Location Services.
    5. Tap the Location Services toggle switch to the left position. This indicates that Location Settings has been successfully disabled for the device.
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