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    Fluent App - Geo-Service Device Malfunction

    Example: Malfunction (Samsung SM-J327V)

    What is a Geo-Device?

    A Geo-Device is any smartphone running Android, iOS, or Windows OS with the Location Services function enabled in the Fluent app.

    What is a Geo-Fence?

    A Geo-Fence is a circular area defined by the user via the Alarm.com website or Fluent app. This area is taken as a reference to determine if the Geo-Device is inside or outside this area. Based on this, it is possible to create automation rules and reminders. Create geo-location rules.

    What is a Geo-Device Malfunction?

    The Geo-Service device in malfunction trouble condition indicates the Alarm.com servers have not received a location report from the Geo-Device (usually a cellphone) for a 24 hour period.

    Another common cause for a Geo-Service device malfunctioning is because the device may have been deleted but not completely removed from the account. The best way to clear a Geo-Service device malfunction is to completely remove the device from the account before attempting to reattach the device to the account.

    It is recommended to remove Geo-Devices that are not active or currently in use on the account in order to avoid Geo-Service device malfunctions. For more information about how to remove a Geo-Device, see Delete a Geo-Device.

    How to resolve:

    To clear the Geo-Service device in malfunction trouble condition:

    Note: Clearing the Geo-Service device in malfunction trouble condition only clears the trouble condition once each time the following steps are taken.

    Complete the following steps for all Geo-Devices that are in malfunction or no longer in use on the account:

    1. Log into the Fluent app on the device in malfunction.
    2. Tap ☰.
    3. Tap App Settings.
    4. Tap Location Services.
    5. Tap the Location Services toggle switch to turn it off.
    6. Log out of the Fluent app.
    7. Log into the Alarm.com website (refresh the page if they were already logged in).
    8. Click Settings.
    9. Click Places.
    10. If the malfunctioning or not in use device is listed in Manage Devices:
      1. Click to select the desired device.
      2. Click Delete to remove the Geo-Device from the account.
      3. Click Ok.
    11. While staying logged into the Alarm.com website, log into the Fluent app on the desired Geo-Service device.
    12. Tap ☰.
    13. Tap App Settings.
    14. Tap Location Services.
    15. Tap the Location Services toggle switch to turn it on.
    16. On the Alarm.com website, click to refresh the Places page or log back in if necessary.
    17. Verify the device is showing in the Places devices section.
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