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    2GIG GC3 - How to Fix a Communication Failure (Radio Not Responding)

    Fixing a Communication Failure

    If you are seeing a Radio Not Responding or Dual Path Communication Failure, first run a cell test as described below. If that doesn't work, you will need to need to physically reboot the panel, as described below, and rerun the cell test.

    Cell Test

    • At the Home screen, tap System Settings
    • Enter the 4-digit master code
    • Scroll down to and then select Cell Radio Swap
    • Press Start Radio Test 
    • Once panel shows "Successful", press Done, then press the back arrow

    Physical Reboot

    Tools Needed: Small Phillips-head screwdriver

    1. Ensure system is disarmed
    2.  Unplug the transformer
    3. Loosen set screw on bottom of panel (does not come out all the way)
    4. Remove panel from wall by pulling on bottom 2 corners
    5. Hang panel from wall mount with white strap
    6. Disconnect panel battery
    7. Let sit for 20-30 seconds
    8. Plug battery back in, making sure wire is tucked into the panel
    9. Remount panel to wall mount (hook from top and swing down, then clip into place)
    10. Plug transformer back in
    11. Tighten set screw

    If the error persists, please call our Account Specialists for further assistance.

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