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    2GIG GC3 - How to Change Battery

    Learn how to easily and quickly change the battery of your 2GIG GC3 Security System.

    Changing the battery 


    If needing a replacement panel battery, please reach out to Fluent Tech Support at   CA (587) 844-5377   US (385) 832-9055


    We advise giving the battery 24 hours to fully recharge.

    You will need a small Phillips head screwdriver and about 5 minutes.

    1. Unplug the wall plug (normally located directly below the panel)
    2. Loosen the bottom screw (do not remove it completely) and pull the front from the back plate.
    3. Use the white strap to hang the panel from the mounting bracket

    4. Unplug the battery from the panel

    5. Remove the battery from the panel by sliding it left towards the edge of the panel and popping it out

    6. Insert the new battery and plug it into the panel (ensure the black/white wire cover is tucked into the panel so the panel can close properly)

    7. Place the panel back onto the mounting bracket and tighten the set screw

    8. Plug the wall plug back into the outlet.


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