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    Connect the myQ Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener to the Wi-Fi Network

    LED guide

    LED Definition
    WiFi is not turned on.
    Garage Door opener is in WiFi learn mode.
    Mobile device connected to the garage door opener
    Blue and Green
    Attempting to connect to router.
    Atttempting to connect to the Internet server.
    WiFi has been set up and the garage door opener is connected to the internet.

    Test the Wi-Fi signal strength

    1. Verify the mobile device is connected to your 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network.
    2. Hold the mobile device in the place where the Garage Door Opener will be installed, and check the Wi-Fi signal strength.
      Check Signal strength

    Connect the Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener to the Wi-Fi Network

    1. Put the garage door opener into Wi-Fi Setup mode by pressing and releasing the yellow Learn button on the garage door opener (i.e., motor) two-three times. The garage door opener beeps once, and a blue light flashes. You have 20 minutes to complete the connection process.
      The Learn button
    2. On a mobile device or laptop, connect to the Wi-Fi Network with the “MyQ-“ prefix.
    3. Launch the web browser on that device and go to setup.myqdevice.com. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect the garage door opener to the property’s Wi-Fi network. When instructed to download the MyQ app, proceed to the next section of instructions. Do not register the device using the MyQ app.

      Note: If the option to scan for Wi-Fi networks does not appear along with other Wi-Fi prompts, select Erase Wi-Fi on the MyQ device setup site to clear previous Wi-Fi informationand allow the Scan option to appear.

    Register the Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener using the Alarm.com website

    If the device has already been registered with a MyQ or Alarm.com, make sure to delete the device from the LiftMaster MyQ website or the Manage Devices page of Alarm.com.

    1. Go to the Alarm.com Manage Devices Page. Log in if necessary.
    2. Click Add Device.
    3. Click Garage Door.
    4. Select the desired LiftMaster device.
    5. Click Next.
    6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the device installation.

      Note: This serial number is separate from the Product S/N. Look for the myQ logo to find the correct serial number.

    7. The page displays a pinwheel, indicating that the device is being added. When finished, it redirects to the Garage page, where the new devices are listed.
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