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    Hikvision Live View

    Live view shows you the video image getting from each camera in real time. The NVR automatically enters Live View mode when powered on. It is also at the very top of the menu hierarchy, thus pressing the ESC many times (depending on which menu you're on) brings you to the Live View mode.

    Live View Icons

    In the live view mode, there are icons at the upper-right of the screen for each channel, showing the status of the record and alarm in the channel, so that you can know whether the channel is recorded, or whether there are alarms occur as soon as possible.

     Description of Live View Icons 
    Icons Description
    Alarm Alarm (video loss, video tampering, motion detection, VCA and sensor alarm)
    Record Record (manual record, schedule record, motion detection, VCA and alarm triggered record)
    Alarm and Record Alarm and Record
    Event/Exception Event/Exception (motion detection, VCA, sensor alarm or exception information, appears at the lower-left corner of the screen. Please refer to Set Alarm Response Actions for details.)

    Operations in Live View Mode

    In live view mode, there are many functions provided.The functions are listed below.

    Single Screen
    showing only one screen on the monitor.
    showing multiple screens on the monitor simultaneously.
    the screen is auto switched to the next one. And you must set the dwell time for each screen on the configuration menu before enabling the auto-switch.
    Start Recording
    continuous record and motion detection record are supported
    Output Mode
    select the output mode as Standard, Bright, Gentle or Vivid.
    Add IP Camera
    the shortcut to the IP camera management interface.
    playback the recorded videos for current day.
    Aux Monitor
    the NVR checks the connection of the output interfaces to define the main and auxiliary output interfaces. The priority level for the main and aux output is HDMI > VGA.When both the HDMI and VGA are connected, the HDMI is used as main output and the VGA is used as the aux output.

    When the aux output is enabled, the main output cannot perform any operation, and you can do some basic operation on the live view mode for the Aux output.

    Use the Mouse in Live View

     Mouse Operation in Live View 
    Name Description
    Common Menu Quick access to the sub-menus which you frequently visit.
    Menu Enter the main menu of the system by right clicking the mouse.
    Single Screen Switch to the single full screen by choosing channel number from the dropdown list.
    Multi-screen Adjust the screen layout by choosing from the dropdown list.
    Previous Screen Switch to the previous screen.
    Next Screen Switch to the next screen.
    Start/Stop Auto-switch Enable/disable the auto-switch of the screens.
    Start Recording Start continuous recording or motion detection recording of all channels.
    Add IP Camera Enter the IP Camera Management interface, and manage the cameras.
    Playback Enter the playback interface and start playing back the video of the selected channel immediately.
    PTZ Enter the PTZ control interface.
    Output Mode Four modes of output supported, including Standard, Bright, Gentle and Vivid.
    Aux Monitor Switch to the auxiliary output mode and the operation for the main output is disabled.
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