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    Live View


    Live View is the default mode for the NVR. Each camera connected will be displayed on-screen. You can check the status or operation of your NVR and cameras using the status icons and Menu Bar on the Live View screen. Right-click the mouse to access the Menu Bar

    Menu Bar

    1. Menu Opens the main menu
    2. Channel Opens the device list which displays the cameras that are currently configured, the IP address and status for each camera as well as the ability to assign a different channel number or to disconnect a camera. Please note, when assigning a different channel number, each camera must have a unique number, they cannot share a channel number
    3. Search Click this to search and playback videos located on the NVR’s hard drive. You can search for one or more cameras, the type of event that has occurred and a particular time and date.
    4. Audio Click this to enable or disable live audio playback
    5. Shutdown Click this to access the shutdown menu (see below).

    Status Icons

    The motion icon indicates that the NVR is detecting motion from the camera. 
    This indicates that the camera is currently recording. Whether it was scheduled, initiated manually or triggered by motion, the icon will be the same. 
    The audio icon indicates that the camera is selected for live audio. 
    This icon indicates that the camera is connected via Ethernet cable. 
    This WiFi icon indicates that the NVR is connected to your wireless network.
    This WiFi icon indicates that the NVR is disconnected from your wireless network.
    This indicates that the channel displaying this has lost the feed from its camera.


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