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    Skybell Slimline LED Guide

    LED Guide

    Rapid Double Flash
    Alternating flash
    Normal Operation
    Green Solid
    Ready and working normally Use the Fluent app or Alarm.com website to choose a custom color in place of default green.
    White Solid
    In Call mode A call has been initiated or is occurring.
    Blue Solid
    Starting up Please wait while the doorbell is booting up.
    Blue Pulsing
    Battery is charging Battery may charge for ~30 minutes after installation.
    Blue | Green Alternating Flash
    Connected to Wi-Fi, waiting for server connection Please wait.
    Blue | Yellow Alternating Flash
    Firmware update in progress Please wait.
    Requires attention
    Orange Rapid Double Flash
    No Wi-Fi connectivity Check your Internet connection. Your Wi-Fi credentials may have changed. Enter Wi-Fi Access Point Mode (see Troubleshooting) and re-add the doorbell camera using the app.
    Blue Rapid Double Flash
    Power supply issue Contact your installer. The doorbell transformer may need to be replaced
    No Color | Off
    Possible power supply issue If the LED on the Doorbell Camera is not showing any color, there may be a power issue or the LED may have been turned down in the Video Settings on the Alarm.com website.
    Green Flashing
    Entering Troubleshooting modes Continue to press & hold for troubleshooting steps below.
    Red | Green Alternating Flash
    Wi-Fi Access Point mode Connect to the camera’s temporary network and use the app to re-add the camera. Push & hold ~60 sec until flashing, then release.
    Blue Flashing
    Power cycle Reboots the camera. Push & hold ~70 sec until flashing, then release.
    Yellow Flashing
    Factory reset Factory resets the camera. Deletes all Wi-Fi and configuration information. Push & hold ~80 sec until flashing, then release.
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