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    Honeywell Carbon Monoxide Detector - LED Guide

    Beeping/LED Info

    Hush Feature: If required, the audible alarm can be silenced for five minutes by pushing the Test button. The red alarm light will continue to flash in a temp-4 pattern (4 beeps followed by 5 sec pause). If carbon monoxide is still present after the 5 minute period, the audible alarm will sound. The hush feature will not operate at levels above 350 ppm (parts per million).

    Trouble Feature: When the sensor supervision is in a trouble condition, the detector will send a trouble signal to the panel. The red LED blinks once every five seconds. Trouble conditions include an open circuit and sensor end of life.

    End of Life Timer: When the detector has reached the end of its life, the detector will send a trouble signal to the panel. This indicates that the carbon monoxide sensor inside the detector has passed the end of its life and the detector must be replaced. This detector's lifespan is approximately five (5) years from the date of manufacture.

    Low Battery Detection: This carbon monoxide detector is powered by a single CR-123A battery. The detector checks for a low battery at least every 65 minutes. If a low battery is detected, the transmitter sends a low battery message to the control panel, which beeps and displays the detector's zone number. In addition, the red LED of the detector will blink every 45 seconds (red LED continues to blink) for up to 30 days. Pressing the test button during this time will silence the chirps for 12 hours, if no other trouble conditions exist. The battery should be replaced before the chirps begin.

    Green LED Red LED Sounder
    Normal (standby) Blinks every 10 secs Off Off
    Blinks every 1 sec
    Temporal 4 pattern
    Low Battery
    Blinks every 45 secs for 37 days
    Chirps every 45 secs beginning 7 days after LED blinks, continues 30 days
    Functional Gas Test
    Blinks every 1 sec
    Off Off
    Functional Gas Test (after canned CO is dispensed)
    Blinks every 1 sec
    Temporal 4 pattern
    Detector Trouble
    Blinks every 5 secs
    One chirp every 45 secs
    Detector End-of Life
    Blinks every 10 secs
    One chirp every 45 secs
    Power Up
    Blinks every 10 secs (w/red LED)
    Blinks every 10 secs (w/green LED)
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