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    Alarm.com Camera - How to Create Recording Schedules

    1. On a computer, open an internet browser and go to https://www.alarm.com/web/Video/RecordingSchedules.aspx.
    2. Enter your username and password (should be the same as your Fluent app). Select Login.
    3. On the right-hand side, click Add Rule.
      add rule
    4. Select the desired recording rule from the list.
      new video recording rule
    5. Give the new recording rule a name.
      Video motion detection rule
    6. Select the desired camera.
      select camera
    7. Select a time frame for this schedule.
      select timeframe
    8. Set a minimum delay if you want the camera to have a delay between clips being recorded. This is best if the camera is set up in a high-traffic area.
      set delay
    9. Select any home settings you want to apply.
      rules for when not to record
    10. Add recipients if you would like to receive a notification from the camera when a clip is recorded.
      add recipient
    11. Select Save Rule.
      save rule
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