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    Qolsys panel as a photo frame

    When your panel is not in use, it turns into a customizable photo frame.

    Swipe Tray
    Swipe down to access settings tray
    Photo Frame icon
    Touch "PHOTO FRAME

    Add Photos

    To add your own photos:

    1. Save your Photos onto a Micro SD card in a folder called “Photos”
    2. Insert your SD card into the slot on the side of the panel
      SD Card slot on right side of panel
    3. Touch “ADD”
      add icon
    4. Touch each photo you wish to use or choose “Select All”
    5. Choose either “Add” or “Replace”
      • Add: Does not delete the photos already on the panel, only adds the photos you selected
      • Replace: Deletes the photos already on the panel and replaces them with the new photos you selected
    6. Wait at least 60 seconds after the photos have copied to remove the SD Card

    Delete Photos

    Touch a photo to select it. Touch “Delete” to delete it from your panel

    delete icon

    Touch photo to preview Photos from MicroSD Card

    settings icon Settings

    Inside settings you can choose whether you want photos or a weather clock, if you want the panel to turn itself off automatically in the evenings, and more.

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