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    Connecting the Qolsys to WiFi

    Swipe Tray

    Step 1

    Swipe down to access settings tray
    settings icon

    Step 2

    Touch “SETTINGS”
    advanced settings icon

    Step 3

    number pad icon

    Step 4

    Enter your master code
    testing icon

    Step 5

    Touch “WI-FI”
    Activate Wifi checkbox

    Step 6

    The "Activate Wi-FI" checkbox must be checked. Located below envelope icon on the right side.

    Step 7

    A list of available WiFi networks will appear. Tap your wireless network name.

    Step 8

    Enter your network password and tap the green check on the right.

    Step 8

    Tap "CONNECT"

    Step 9

    The word "Connected" will apear below your network name once connected. Tap the Home icon to exit.

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