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    My Doorbell Camera is Offline

    October 29th, 2019

    1. Did you change your Wi-Fi password?
      1. IF YES continue to step 2
      2. IF NO please power cycle your Internet Router (Unplug the router and leave it unplugged for 30 seconds then plug it back in) allow the router 3-5 minutes to come back on line then check the camera for live video
    2. Open the Fluent app
    3. Press the menu button (3 lines) on the top left and select Doorbell Camera
    4. Press the settings (gear) icon on the top right
    5. Scroll to the bottom and select Begin Installation or Add Camera
    6. Press and hold the doorbell until the LED starts flashing Red/Green
    7. Follow the prompts on the screen
    8. Once completed check live video from app

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